kik alternativeOn September 24, 2019, Kik Interactive announced it was shutting down its popular messaging app due to a lawsuit filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The suit was filed against the company in June over its 2017 digital token sale. The sale raised $100 million, but the government accused Kik of making an “illegal unregistered securities offering.”

With Kik rebranding itself as “Kin,” focusing on cryptocurrency, and abandoning its messaging app, it begs the question: who will fill the gap?

Alternatives to Kik include Whatsapp, Viber and Snapchat.  Recently launched, our app Zin, offers an alternative closely aligned with Kik’s use for casual encounters and chats (ie, sexting).


Whatsapp is a pure messaging app. It was acquired by Facebook and has millions of users,  availing themselves of features like texting, calling and sharing various media.

Viber offers a more Skype-like appeal, with instant messaging and voice/ video calling.

The drawback to using these types of messaging apps is that they do not offer end-to-end encryption or have security features that protect your privacy and anonymity. In fact, just this year Whatsapp was hacked and the security of 1.5 billion users was threatened.

Zin: messaging with extra privacy protection 

Kik was known as a top sexting app due in part to its feature of allowing users to create anonymous usernames difficult to trace back. Zin goes even further with safety and privacy and offers users a similar private and anonymous registration, protection from data breaches (by not keeping messages on our servers), and some features seen only in high-security apps.

Zin offers screenshot protection and self-destructing photos. For example, if a user wants to send a sensitive photo, they can turn on the self-destruct feature, which will allow the recipient to view the photo and then it will erase itself. Zin also blocks a recipient from taking screenshots with their phone. When you preview a photo to send, you can restrict the recipient from taking on-device screenshots.

Zin will also offer something sexters might find useful: the unsend feature. The app allows you to delete messages you already sent. When “Unsend” is tapped, the message is deleted from the chat dialogue for both sender and recipient.

On top of being a highly secure messaging app, Zin is also a casual dating app, allowing you to post and find matches in your area.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to Kik, head over to Zin!