We all have had any kind of a dating app on our smartphones at some stage. Was it to overcome loneliness, to heal the broken heart, to find a life-time partner, or simply to have a fling? Whatever your motive is, you have stepped into a dating app world and you need to take it by storm. Though most deem it is a conversational skill that pushes forward your dating experience, it is your personal profile and representation that strike first. So, hold the horses and give due importance to building your profile description and posting a remarkable picture.

Boost Your Profile First

The more exquisite and unique your bio is, the more likely it will stand out. And trust us, the number of users of online dating apps is skyrocketing, forcing many go bonkers to be noticeable. But no extremes, you don’t need to be liked by everyone. Your goal is to find a like-minded person and don’t let them overlook you. Think about your profile pic because it speaks volumes. Just like in a real life, appearance is the first thing others notice.

No one will know how witty, smart and kind you are if they are pushed by the weird and creepy picture, unless you are looking for a weirdo. Post a personal photo from a trip, visiting music festival, or skydiving. Whatever is on the background that shows your hobbies and interests, it will be a nice addition to your charming face. On top of that, this is how users can strike a conversation and it is the first clue – give others something to ask about and cling to.

Another easy way to break the ice is to give hints in profile description. Introduce yourself to potential matches by saying what you do in life, your favorite activities and movies. Whatever is important for you helps in this matter and makes it easier to approach you and vice versa. Try to be concise and not too wordy – keep some mystery so your potential partner will be intrigued to learn more about you in private chats.

Once you have covered the basics and happily set up your profile you get to the core – online communication. Its vice and virtue is the variety and accessibility of people on the platform. On the surface, it seems that approaching a person online is much easier since no one can hear your trembling voice and see you being nervous.

What’s even better is that you have time to think of a witty line. But in fact, such diversity of users makes it harder to be unique and eye-catching. People lose patience trying to learn one another and prefer to swipe further in the quest for a better match. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and here lies the biggest pitfall. But no worries, as always, there is a psychology behind human relationships and specific rules to help in better communicating and becoming a greater conversationalist.

How Do U Start a Conversation with a Guy?

A handsome fellow has been on your radar and you are patiently waiting for him to text you? Don’t wait but rather act. Though many say the girl shouldn’t be the first who starts a dialogue, it is a big mistake to let someone decide for you. If you feel like he can be the right person, introduce yourself and captivate him from the word go. Show him what he’s been missing playfully and carelessly. Get him hooked but don’t show you are too interested.

Here are a few opening lines for you to strike a conversation with a guy on a dating app.

Get Clues from His Profile

  • What do you like about your job?
  • I’ve noticed you are into tech? What do you think of Tesla Cybertruck?
  • It seems like you are into snowboarding. Where are the best slopes in Aspen or somewhere in Europe?

Appeal to Movies and Music

  • What do you think of Game of Thrones finale?
  • What is your Netflix favorite?
  • What are the songs you are listening to in the gym?
  • Are you into rap music? Pick one: Drake, Kanye or Eminem.
  • “How you doin’” (A safe opener from Friends).
  • “Ooh nana what’s your name?” (Reference to Rihanna and Drake’s banger).

Location-based Apps? Discuss Your City!

  • What is your favorite TGIF bar?
  • Did you grow up here?
  • What is your favorite venue to meet with friends?
  • Where do you go when you are pensive?

Compliment Him

  • You are very fit. You must be very disciplined to maintain such a great physique!
  • I like your style and that sneakers are mental.
  • Your ocean blue eyes make me wanna drown.
  • You activities list would impress Elon Musk. How do you juggle it all? I need advice from an expert.

How Can I Start a Conversation with a Girl?

Pop Culture

  • Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce me? Aren’t you? (Reference to the Graduate)
  • What was the last concert you have attended?
  • Are you looking forward to watching Super Bowl? Have you gone to sports games lately?

Make Her Feel Beautiful

  • Your style is impeccable. Have you graduated from a fashion school?
  • You look so cheerful you have brightened up my day.
  • You light up any room you walk into.
  • Can’t take my eyes off you. (Both a reference to a song and a witty compliment).

Knock-out Joke

  • Have you watched Titanic? Everyone on board has been nominated for the Ice Bucket challenge.

The jokes and memes will make her smile, and ultimately, melt her heart. Sense of humor is the greatest matchmaker of all times.

What Is the Best Time to Text a Girl?

There is no such a thing as when it is best to message a girl until you know her lifestyle. Be it a cheerful message in the morning, quick line during the day or an assertive message at night, it is a shot in the dark if you have never talked to that lady. Is she a student, an office person or, maybe, she works in shifts? Try to start a conversation and figure out her schedule or even directly ask her when it is convenient for her to communicate. It will show your suave personality cares about her and girls like it. It is a win-win situation since you don’t have to worry if she is ignoring you or simply busy and you will show how much of a gentleman you are.

However, what is important is to reply in a timely fashion. Some researches show that if a guy doesn’t text a girl within 6 hours, the likelihood that she will ever reply drops by 5%.

What Is the Best Time to Text a Guy?

Just like with girls, the best time to message a guy depends merely on his schedule. But surveys say that response rate drops by 25% if you don’t text a guy within 6 hours. So, ladies, if you are really into a guy don’t let him wait for too long, otherwise he loses his patience before madly falling in love with you.

How Do I Keep a Girl Interested While Texting?

Once your catchy opening line got the girl’s attention, it is time to get her talking. Ardent discussions and engagement are not a coincidence but rather a craft. And everyone can master it. Try to act genuinely and don’t try too hard because she can feel it. Try to start a small talk by discussing her interests, ask about her views on specific topics, appeal to her feelings. Make the conversation flow naturally and don’t use pre-planned phrases, follow her lines and respond accordingly. You can build a bond between you two by sharing experiences.

It is helpful to use the right kind of questions. It means avoiding yes/no questions and questions with a one-word answer. For instance, “do you like **** bar in the downtown?” This question will get her just answer “yes, I do\ no, I don’t,” which is not what you are looking for. It is better to ask her about her favorite bar, so she can name it, explain why it is so special to her and give you more hints to ask further.

Ladies like confident men who are not afraid to take risks. So, become the one. You can use pickup lines channeling a romantic or flirtatious vibe. But avoid inappropriate message in a conversation. We all like to be a little sassy, but test the boundaries first by taking baby steps.

Don’t suggest and use question marks because hesitance will make her bored. So, instead of saying “would you like to come to a stand-up event my friend is organizing?” say “my friend is organizing a stand-up event, it will be fun. You should come!” One and the same idea can be communicated differently. Powerful language makes you take the wheel and be a great conversationalist on a dating app. While conversations are the biggest way to captivate her online, words and eloquence are the tools to build a chemistry.

Getting to know her better before plunging in, will get a girl more confident with you. In turn, you can evaluate if she is worth and you can potentially get along.

What Can I Text a Guy to Make Him Smile?

Guys like assertive and cheeky messages from girls. So, tease him a little. Show your playful side yet don’t compromise your standards. He should know that you are fun but not the one to be fooled.

Most guys like to be the leaders and opinion-makers so make him an expert and ask about something you don’t know. Ask him about his job making him talk on a subject he is a pro at, or ask for a piece of advice. Playing with his masculinity and building his ego will make him feel powerful like a superman. Being naive and vulnerable will man him up and enjoy your company. Though men like strong and independent ladies, they still like to safeguard and protect them either physically or emotionally. So, give him a chance to be helpful and supportive.

Show him you are attracted by saying you’ve been thinking about him or you’ve had him in your dreams. Everyone likes to be sexually desired and that inevitably will make him smile once your sassy text pops up on his screen.

How to Communicate on a Dating App – Best Tips for Everyone

  • Avoid cliches and “entertain-me” texts
  • Project positive energy
  • Be open-minded
  • Don’t use “yes\no” questions
  • Build a safe space
  • Listen and reciprocate
  • Don’t stick to pre-planned lines
  • Find the common ground
  • Avoid controversial topics
  • Play two truths and a lie; what if; name game; kiss, marry, kill
  • Be a confident conversationalist
  • Wink 😉

Thanks to the time and place we live in, so you can decide on how to approach a person. You can mix and match all of the conversational starters and tips regardless of gender. A girl doesn’t have to appeal to man’s masculinity to boost his ego and get his attention. Likewise, a guy can skip the part where he praises a girl’s tenderness and gentle traits.

You can be strong, ambitious, masculine or feminine no matter what your gender identity is. As long as you are genuine and authentic you will attract that special someone who would appreciate you the way you are. Make an unusual compliment, warm up the conversation, build attraction and a date will be guaranteed.