Dating App Privacy Protection: How Safe Are You?

When you upload and build a profile on a dating app, do you assume your location details, consumer habits and sensitive photos will not be stored by the app? Better yet, do you think those dating apps are secure enough to protect your data from data thieves?

Think again.

As one article put it, “Dating apps notoriously collect and reserve the right to share information. For instance, an analysis in June from ProPrivacy found that dating apps including Match and Tinder collect everything from chat content to financial data on their users — and then they share it.”

When you sign up for a dating app, the app company typically has you agree to privacy policies which “reserve the right to specifically share personal information with advertisers and other commercial business partners.”


Even worse, aside from the apps’ own privacy practices allowing the leaking of info to others, they’re often the target of data thieves. Just this summer, the LGBQT dating app Jack’d was slapped with a $240,000 fine by the State of New York for a data breach that leaked nude photos of its users. It was also reported that OK Cupid and Coffee Meets Bagel suffered data breaches where hackers stole user credentials.

Safety:  What to look for in a dating app

Given that privacy is key when dating, especially in the casual dating community, here are some considerations when choosing dating app security:

-Does the app draw from your social media profiles?

-Does the app store your data on their servers? If so, for how long?

-Has the app been hacked or breached before?

-Does the app offer timed destruction of photos and videos?

-Does the app sell or share your information with advertisers?

Zin came into being because of privacy concerns for the casual dating community. Our mission is to connect sex positive people safely. A cornerstone of this mission is the protection of data of our users. We bring high security app functions to the dating world. Zin offers encryption, no data storing, no drawing from social media, and timed destruction of private photos.

So, with Zin, the next time you consider sending that nude, you don’t have to think twice. Try it free today!