Craigslist Rollercoaster Ride

Announcements have made a great evolution over the years. They’ve gone from big hand-written posters stuck to the wall to several short lines published in a morning newspaper. Spreading of the global web made its amendments in the 90s when the first website with ad from real people appeared.
Craigslist service (began in 1995, founder Craig Newmark) gained wide popularity not only among the USA citizens. According to official information, more than 700 cities had their Craigslist versions in 2012, among them were Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Boston, and Washington DC.
Among a long list of categories available for the users, there was also Personals section, which had become (according to some researches) a very popular web destination for those adults looking for dates, casual encounters, and sex. This part of the site was especially preferable by the LGBT community, because it was straightforward, free, open, and the most important thing, it helped to keep a particular level of anonymity.
However, after lots of complaining and blaming, in March 2018 the section of Craigslist Personals was blocked in the US due to the SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act). Nowadays, those seeking a partner via the Internet have to find a trustworthy platform as their very first step. Our today’s article was made to ease this task.

Best Today’s Online Dating Services

Closing of Craigslist Personals made people surprisingly worried. The “Craigslist Personals replacement” got into the monthly top of Google searches, while on Quora over 1.5mln users visited the thread with similar discussion. Recently, the new site with a self-explanatory name “personals like craigslist” appeared on the web.

The higher is the demand, the bigger is the number of supplies. The Internet seems to be limitless. These days you can find anything you want and even more online. There are social networks that will offer you friends who share your interests. And there are also dating apps where you can find a one-night stand.

Having come to the scene just at the right moment in March 2018, Doublelist became one of the most popular replacements among those who admired CL Personals. The access is absolutely free, and the interface is user-friendly. The platform offers ads from gay and straight people, for a one-night stand and long-term relationships. There is, of course, the function of posting your own ad as well. The choice is yours!

As for the question of security, Doublelist keeps a wary eye on its users. You won’t be able to post your ad if you’re younger than 18. There is also a list of strict warnings, violating which a user can be banned: no racial discrimination (or any other kind of harassment) is allowed; fees for sexual activity and prostitution are forbidden; stalking, providing false information, spamming can also be reasons of blocking an account.

Doublelist does get some complaints from time to time. The administration of the resource takes all measures to ensure that offenders are blocked. Also, some restrictions connected with the geographical position of new members can be applied.

The site that has been on the market since 2001, became widely famous after CL Personals closing. ClassifiedAds previously hosted the sections similar to Craigslist: real estate, pets, cars, and jobs, etc. Now they also provide their users with the Personals part which has lots of categories (casual encounters, missed connections, man seeking woman, woman seeking man, man seeking man, woman seeking woman), so everyone can find what he/she came here for. You will be shocked by the number of people who do share your interests.

ClassifiedAds website is not a newbie, so you may be sure, that it won’t disappear tomorrow. Nowadays it is one of the most viewed sites around the USA (there are more than 3 million unique visitors a month). It means, that thousands of new ads are posted daily. How can you not be lucky to find what you are looking for?

In compare to Doublelist described above, ClassifiedAds gained more trust and positive feedbacks from users. Most of its visitors rated this site with a five-star mark. The interface of the resource is mobile-friendly, so you shouldn’t worry about any issues while opening it from your pocket device.

The beginnings of Oodle are the same as CL: a dashboard with different categories of ads posted in real-time. The section of Personals entered the picture after a while. Started back in 2004, Oodle still takes top positions in the list of ads sites from California.
This website is, perhaps, the most successful alternative variant of Craigslist. And it’s all because of visuality. No, the structure of the site is pretty casual, so the newcomers won’t be confused about the purpose of the resource. The main thing about this webpage is the possibility to look through the ads even without being signed up. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The filters of Oodle will make your search accurate and easy. While scrolling the site and looking for your perfect match, you may sort the ads according to your own preferences in religion, race, kids, drinks, and zodiac.

One more interesting advantage of Oodle: it searches through several web resources at one moment in time, to give you the list of the most suitable variants in your local. According to the USA users’ feedbacks on Facebook, Oodle is one of the most trustful resources to look for relationships of different kinds.

If you think that we’ve made a mistake while typing “Twitter”, well, you’re almost right. Switter is a mobile-friendly network with an interface that seems very familiar to those using Twitter. It is operated by sex workers, so you can be sure that you will get what you’re looking for.

Here you’ll have the access to thousands of “toots” (the same as “tweets”), which will appear on your feed in real-time mode. Also, the site provides the opportunity to use hashtags function, which will make your search through the resource comfortable and easy.

The platform offers its users endless fun no matter if they are men, women, straight or gay. Everyone will find at Switter the entertainment for themselves, whether it’s about serious relationships or a one-night stand, sex service or escort.

There is an unpopular opinion that Switter has limited perspectives as a site. Well, we think that 1.5 million visitors every month won’t agree with that statement. The site has been running since March 2018, and its popularity as Craigslist alternative only grows with each next day.

This site is for all those missing the old but gold Craigslist design. Some users say that Bedpage is the exact copy of CL, so you won’t get lost here. The website itself is the offspring of the previously well-known but now-defunct Backpage.

The resource requires obligatory registration for all new members, and you must be prepared that this process is going to be burdensome. However, this measure makes the site almost 100% protected from all the bots and fake users. So, posting your ad on Bedpage you may be confident and calm.

For those, who like VIP treatment, Bedpage offers a special premium option. This one costs $15 and it will give your ads priority not only in your city but also in other locations. The Personals section of the Bedpage suggests a wide compilation of subcategories like casual dating, straight, gays, lesbians, and even phone and cybersex.

The bad news is, there are some locations on Bedpage that are still empty. Perhaps, that happened because of the long registration process. Still, those brave who traveled this path till the end will be rewarded with all the perks of the real ads.

Final Thoughts

Looking for any kind of relationship on the Internet is always risky. There is no resource nowadays that will guarantee you 100% of anonymity and the same rate of success. Craigslist was one of the first and still stays one of the best in the sphere of personals on the market.
However, time flies and great Craigslist alternatives appear almost every day. Modern adult users prefer mobile dating apps, which are fast, eye-catching and can be used on the go. Talking about preferences, it’s your call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Craigslist Personals Alternatives

Does Craigslist have Personals anymore?

No, it doesn’t. This section was blocked in 2018 due to the FOSTA bill.

✅ How can I date online safely?

You should use trustworthy websites, like one of those described above. You may check the site you are going to register on via, for example. Also, check the users’ feedbacks (this is possible on official pages of resources in social networks).

✅ What is the most successful dating site?

According to the last surveys, nowadays, one of the most successful sites that offer nothing else but dating services is Match. However, if you are not ready to spend your money on creating an account, this resource is not for you. Among Craigslist alternatives, the most successful is Doublelist.

✅ Which dating site is completely free?

All the resources, described in this article are free. Besides, there are a plethora of mobile apps to search for a suitable date which are also free. One of them is which offers a safe chat as well as straightforward design and lots of options to customize your choice.

✅ Do dating sites really work?

It depends on your expectations and demands. There are a lot of stories when people were looking for a hookup and found the love of their life. If you are a risky person, dating sites will definitely be a great adventure for you.