Craigslist classified advertisements website terminated its Personals section in 2018 due to the passing of the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act legislation in the US. Such measures were taken to prevent human trafficking, prostitution, and sex crimes.

Measures taken for a good cause, yet many have lost their favourite site for interacting with people and finding a date or a sex partner. The whole era has been gone along with the Craigslist Personals ads. However, it didn’t stop people from their feelings and desires making them turn to other places to satisfy their needs. And behind closed doors there is a whole gamut of unique penchants and sexual fantasies, which one is willing to liberate.

So, embrace your nature with like-minded people and we will show you the ways.

What Is Sexual Casual Encounters?

Are you looking for a one night stand in Los Angeles tonight? What are you googling then? Casual encounters? No strings attached? NSA? DTF? If you checked all of them, your sex life is definitely not boring. So, what all of the above mean and how to define the casual encounters? It all refers to a non-formal sexual relationship between two or more people that involves no commitment or long-term partnership. No romantic garden-variety dates, just sex. No commitments. No obligations. Just fun.

Craigslist, dating apps, and social media have caused a massive surge in casual encounters due to their startling ease. Mediocre bars, cheesy los angeles nightclubs, and friends’ houses – all of it demands unnecessary efforts that could be skipped. And that was the reason the Craigslist casual encounters were so common and popular. The website created a comfortable space for the user to meet a one night stand partner or a few yet from the comfort of their home. By delivering sex with ease and comfort, Craigslist and its replacements have taken the world by storm.

Where Can You Find Casual Encounters Now?

While some are lamenting the Craigslist personals shutdown, others are already looking for alternatives to replace their beloved website’s section. And since nothing is irreplaceable, the equivalents are plentiful. Especially, entering a new decade, 2020 promises even more websites of better quality, sophisticated match-making algorithms, and bullet-proof privacy tools. New technologies pave their way for better user experience, making casual encounters effortless and safe like never before. Among the spots to find NSA encounters online are websites and applications. Despite the great strides made in online dating apps, the scammers are everywhere. They can be looking to steal the user’s personal info, money or even endanger their life. The reasons can be numerous. However, it is upon the person to register only with the trustworthy platform, and in turn, it is the platform’s responsibility to take all the measures to provide safe and secure environment for all of its users.

Here is a list of websites and apps that make up for the craigslist personals.

Best Dating Apps for Casual Encounters

Though many resorted to Craigslist personals ads and have regularly used the platform, its closure became a blessing in disguise, making a way for new and budding platforms. Online applications are springing extensively every day with better interface, convenient user-experience and tailor-made methods of matching individuals. They have taken into account the users peculiar preferences and demands narrowing down the search.

Among the best latest dating apps for casual encounters are the following:


Zin is one of the best Craigslist alternatives on the market. Though it is a new entrant into the field, it has everything to fulfill your wishes. Straightforward communication with real people (no fake accounts) without compromising your privacy, isn’t what you are looking for? Zin brands itself as “casual encounters dating app” leaving no room for interpretation. It connects sex-positive people who are up for Netflix and chill.

No need to link up your Zin account to any social network like Facebook or Instagram or worry about you sensitive data leakage since Zin’s servers don’t store any bit of it. There are also secret chats for private communication along with the posts available for everyone which you can reply to. And you yourself can post anything you want and wait for someone to reach out to you. The flirting app supports multiple gender choice and relationship categories. Thus, any LGBTQIA+ person will be comfortable here.


The Time magazine listed it among top ten dating apps in 2007 operating worldwide. It celebrates diversity and inclusivity with multiple gender categories (22!) and orientations (13!). They were the first dating app that offered such multiple choice options. So, if until now you couldn’t find you gender on any other app, OkCupid is likely to fill the void.

As of today, their strong suit is the questionnaire which pops questions on multiple topics from feminism to climate change and even more, trying to link people based more on interests rather than physical appearance. So, if you are looking for a smart cookie in your bed, here is the first choice. Among the other benefits are instant chats, free and premium accounts. It supports same sex connections and polygamous ones.


Alright, there is probably not a soul who hasn’t heard of Tinder. It is the most known and internationally recognized online dating service. It boasts over 50 million registered users and over 1 billion swipes a day. It also introduced More Genders feature supporting inclusivity. Unlike OkCupid, Tinder centeres more on appearance when match-making.

Tinder’s perks are a game-style dating process, simple registration either through social networks or phone number, and responsive customer support. Tinder cares about user’s safety and features dating tips, and particularly, sexual health and consent section. It is location based so you can find a partner within a specified distance.


Los Angeles is among the top 5 cities where Pure is actively used. And that is no surprise. The most distinguished feature of Pure is anonymity and directness. Isn’t it what the busiest and crowded cities are looking for?

The match-making is easy. Once the match has been established, you have only one hour to make the sparks fly. Otherwise, the chat window expires and you have to say goodbye to that person for good. So, you have a very limited time to build a mutual interest and rush into adventure afterwards. On top of that, it represents a bullet-proof security making sure your dialogues are not stored and nothing can leak to scammers. So, if you are DTF it is really convenient, though some users claim there is a shortage of real pictures in user profiles.

Best Dating Sites for Casual Encounters

Not keen on installing any app on your smartphone? Browse for the websites on your personal computer or smartphone likewise. Adult Personals are still popular with people of all ages and gender because we don’t like to say goodbye to old friends, right? That is the reason many still seek nsa partners on free local ad posting sites like Craigslist Personals.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder or AFF is not exactly the Craigslist in look but it definitely in functions. It is a social network for adults and a dating service at the same time. On the welcome page you will see that it aims at connecting people for hookups, swinger experience and basically any sex practices. Here you follow the beaten track by browsing sex personals and click to reply. You have private chat rooms at your disposal hiding your private messaging from prying eyes. Icing on the cake is cybersex function which caters to the laziest. You also pick the closest city so you can meet with your partner in no time.

Adult Search

This one is a Craigslist sibling indeed. The interface and services are alike and you can easily find a partner for sex in the same manner as you would do on Craigslist site. Just post a free personal ad. It covers all the areas in the US easily connecting men, women, etc. for a one time thing.


This one is also a free classified website to post personal ads. It is simple in use and design, yet striking with a tiresome signing up procedure. It requires plenty of details for verification aiming to tackle fake users, which is both its strong and weak points. Nobody wants to waste precious time on registering just as nobody wants to bump into a fake account and waste time as well. So, be patient and you will be rewarded. It has a separate Meet&Fuck section…so you know what to do.

Double List is a decent replacement of Craigslist personals. It is free and has an up-to-date design, much more trendy than its predecessor. Here, you get to select a city, and relationship variations such as couples for couples, straight for gay, women for women, dating miscellaneous, and even platonic. Users get to post their personal ads as well specify what they are looking for exactly.

Oodle personals are the best among classified websites. Why? It breaks the mold of traditional advertising websites and includes profile pictures. You can scroll through the personal ads and reply based on appearance rather than caption. You can also filter who you are looking for based on gender, the US city and relationship category. Casual encounters is among the options. So, if you are not ready to install any new-fangled app, visit this website. It combines the best of both worlds.


If you are into a kink world, and your perfect casual encounter should crave for something more than vanilla sex, opt for the Fetlife website. It is a social network for people with peculiar fetishes and sex preferences. Here, you get to meet like-minded people and join the events organized in your area. It looks nothing like Craigslist personals but it is definitely worth a visit for those who think out of the box.

All of the above apps and websites are unique and cater to the needs of all genders and sex preferences. Though they look and operate differently, they all share a common thread- to connect people for a casual sex in LA or elsewhere.