Revenge Porn: How to Protect Yourself?

When the relationships are over, and two people make the decision to break up, there are two possible scenarios: the “happy end” and the revenge. If you think that the “happy end” after breaking up is something from the parallel universe, you are wrong. Frederic Beigbeder said, that love only lives three years. When two […]

How to Start a Conversation on a Dating App?

We all have had any kind of a dating app on our smartphones at some stage. Was it to overcome loneliness, to heal the broken heart, to find a life-time partner, or simply to have a fling? Whatever your motive is, you have stepped into a dating app world and you need to take it […]

Successful Gay Friends-with-Benefits Relationship

There is an interesting point of view that sex never spoils the friendship. Is that really so? What kind of special connection is friendship with benefits, and exactly what benefits does it bring? How to find a gay friend and start an FWB relationship? Everything and even more in our today’s article! What Is Gay […]

How to Find a Kinky Partner?

Have you ever dreamt in your sexual fantasies of spanking, role-playing or blindfolding? Well, you and many of us are kinky to some extent. Sex life can go far beyond a simple intercourse and vanilla sex. Kinky people embrace their fetishes and break the mold by experimenting with their intimate desires. Kinky lifestyle is no […]