Relationships are different, there are long and strong, there are short and boring, and there are situations in life when you have no relationship. The one-night stand has long ceased to be something new. It is used by both men and women, and all have one goal – to get pleasure.
Let’s then figure out how to organize a one-night stand, what rules should be followed in this adventure as well as general pros and cons.

One-night Stand Advantages

First of all, let’s deal with all the benefits and downsides that will help you understand if you do want this or if it’s better to kick this idea into the long grass. Let’s start with the positive aspects of the one-night stand.

Sex itself

There are circumstances when a person does not have a permanent relationship and does not want them. Accordingly, sexual life is not active enough, and there is an indomitable desire to have sex with a partner. The case when you are a little tired of satisfying yourself. In this case, a one-night stand can be a worthy option to diversify your leisure time.

Good for your health

For a person who regularly has sexual activity, prolonged abstinence is fraught with very obvious physical problems.

There is no disappointment

Remember how it happens in a relationship, a perfect woman or man, peaches and cream, everything is great, and it seems as if you’ve met a unicorn. And here comes the first sexual contact, and this is a disaster. Nerves and embarrassment do their job. Absolute failure, ideal crumbles, and disappointment appears.

With a one-night stand, this doesn’t happen. You do everything in the best way, you just do it to get the most out of it. Sometimes it’s more difficult with a dearest partner than with a person whom you will never see again. We’re not saying that you won’t be disappointed.

But the most important thing is that it does not really matter since you don’t plan to spend the rest of your life with this partner, one night is your limit. The realization that tomorrow you will go your separate ways helps to get rid of complexes, to liberate yourself and truly relieve tension.

Helps to believe in your own attractiveness

We all want to feel confident, attractive, and sexy. Each of us would like to be the one who has other people turn their heads backwards. The one-night stand gives all of this, especially when partners do not feel any responsibilities to each other.

Feel complete freedom in action

While having a one-night stand you do not need to pretend, to think about morality and life values. Perhaps this is your chance to prove yourself the way you have wanted for a long time, a chance to get real pleasure from sex, without complexes and constraints.

One-night Stand Minuses

It’s dangerous

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a random partner must probably be fear and the probability of contracting various diseases. We doubt that while dizzying dancing and drinking a lot of alcohol you could exchange health certificates or find out about the diseases. Even having a condom (which is one of the most important and decisive factors in sex, no matter how bright and unexpected it is) will not protect you completely from unwanted pregnancy, and from diseases that can be transmitted not only through sexual contact.


Sometimes it is not the desire for sex and fun that pushes people to do such things, but rather a depressive disorder. Many people are very sacred about sex, and so they can be pushed to a one-night stand by their depression.

Complexes and worries

Alas, for many women, less often for men, it is difficult to separate sex and emotions. If you are horrified by the thought that the man who you spent the night of love with will not call you the next day, don’t even think about such experiments.

Moral principles

Even modern society has its own patterns and standards, the way out of which gives rise to a storm of criticism and negativity. The condemnation and misunderstanding of society may greatly affect our lives sometimes. If it matters to you, then you should consider whether you need it that much to risk it.

How to Organize a One-night Stand and Its Rules

After you have weighed the pros and cons and realized that you are ready to do everything, then you should clearly understand what exactly awaits you. Let’s have a look at the main rules of a one-night stand.

Search for a partner

Where to find a partner? Everything is rather straightforward. The best variant is to look somewhere, where no one thinks of tomorrow: vibrant parties, clubs which tear it up, dating apps. Thanks to the drinks, everyone becomes closer to each other, and it will not be so difficult to establish contact with someone. The most important rule, do not look towards work colleagues, friends and acquaintances. This should be a stranger or unfamiliar person who you will have no relationship with.

Make it easy

Many of us need alcohol to relax. Therefore, a couple of glasses of wine will come in handy. They will give the right mood, a twinkle in the eyes, and erase the barrier for conversation. Dance, have fun, forget about problems for a while, talk and flirt with strangers. Be in the spotlight, today this is what you need.

Be honest with yourself

Be aware that this is only a one-night partner. Do not be under the illusion that you will meet a prince on a white horse, or your one and only. Understand this before you go for it so that later you have no disappointment.

Safety and interception are above all

It may sound strange, but tell someone close where you are going to. Keep an eye on the amount drunk. And the most important thing, make sure you have a condom! Without it, one should not even plan such an adventure.

New roles and opportunities

A new acquaintance, a new partner is a great opportunity to try yourself in a new role, for example, a domineering woman or a seductive courtesan. For a man, this is an opportunity to release his inner beast or to be a timid boy, whatever you want. You can even change your name and life story. By the way, this will help you to avoid the temptation to continue further acquaintance.

Enjoy the moment

A one-night stand was created for pleasure. This is the rare case when you don’t have to worry about the wrinkles on your belly or cellulite. Now is the time to forget about guilty feelings, stereotypes, and rules and just give it one hundred and ten percent. Try to be here now! Feel this moment and just enjoy sex in all its glory.


A one-night stand is difficult to describe, and it’s also hard to predict its effects. Someone may need it, sometimes relations may grow out of this, sometimes in the morning, you may feel horrible because of what was done. The most important thing about a one-night stand, no matter how unexpected and impulsive it may be, it should be your conscious choice. In order not to regret it, but to remember it as a bright flash of passion in your life.